Can make a dent ?

Its the most written, most tweeted topic of 2012 the every of Amazon in India.

As earlier it was already speculated the Amazon its establishing its operations and fulfilment centers in Mumbai, which was true and the momentum can be see n by them setting up the fullfillment centre and own courier service.

As the launch of Junglee it is understood as the entry of Amazon in India but through a different route. Here at Junglee Amazon isn’t selling anything which is the core of Amazon, but Junglee

Amazon enters India as Junglee

enables customers to find and discover products from online and offline retailers in India and from Junglee organizes massive selection and multiple buying options from hundreds of sellers, and leverages Amazon’s proven technologies and millions of customer reviews to help customers make smart purchase decisions.

Most take it as the best option available, as Junglee provides the best price at different stores,many of those are offline. It is a wrong assumption and positioning by Amazon that lowest price is the only factor a prospects consider while making an online purchase.
Few other important points are:

  1. Trust
    How many if the stores that are recommended at Jungles can you actually trust ?
  2. Reliability
    Are you sure you will get the right product, in the right shape? This won’t be of significance when payment is COD.
  3. After Sales
    Yes its not the part of the store but the manufacturer once the product is sold, however stores like Flipkart, InfiBeam, Letsbuy (acquired by Flipkart)  offer replacements up to 30-45 days.
  4. Media
    Most prospects prefer making a purchase from a brand / store whom they have heard about from online / offline media (A friend, Ads,etc).

So, Junglee is really an aggregation and can not help customers to get Options but not to ease theDecision Making, it actually creates a confusion.

Amazon can actually get the benefit of the enormous consumer data that it will generate through the “Likes”  that it will generate and create a presence in the mind of consumers. (Though Amazon is well known) Logo

We can just wait and watch till Amazon makes its way in India after facing challenges.


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