Jio Fiber Usability Issue can not view password

So I have a Jio Fiber at home. When I had to add new mobile devices to the Wifi it was easy, use the Share password feature on every phone and let the new phone scan it.


However, this was not possible as i got a new Windows Laptop, I could not Scan the code and some Android phones do not display the password.

I thought it will be easy, I can just login to the Router Admin URL and view the password and type it in my laptop.

To my surprise, I can only CHANGE password from the router admin Not View already set password.

Now, Just to setup 1 new device, I have Only 1 option.

Create a new password which disconnects all devices, the device that I am using as well and then Add All Devices again to the same network.

Going to Jio support was of no help, the robots designed to keep human support away just told me instructions on how to change password.


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