Customer is the King behind bars – Coca Cola

Just quizzed to know that 600 ml Maaza bottle had special pricing Rs 40 (Rs 32 at local stores and retailers), it specifically mentioned

Sale at select channels only.

Mazza Large

Now overcharging was not new, but the experience that its now officially supported was something that I dint like.

There were always people who argued over thus excess price ( me too), which definitely caused legal issues to the retailer who either refused to sell at MRP or not sell at all, which in turn affected the company.

As per regulation, retailers are not supposed to sell products in excess over MRP, this can be experienced at On Station vendors who are monitored and do not over charge.

The company came out with an unwise solution, increase the price for special places like Entertainment zones, etc. Either way they don’t care about the Consumer.

I don’t know I’d its a remedial decision (for the legal problems) or its a Marketing Decision, which comes under the category Differential Pricing.

I wanted to check this and called up the Toll free Consumer Helpline: 1800-180-2653 and asked them the reason for the difference in pricing and whether it was legal Or not.

I got the response that they have such special pricing for select channels which include McD, Cinemax, Fame, KFC, etc. In short ANYWHERE You are not allowed Outside Food :D.

He said it was absolutely legal and that the pricing was because the retailers pay high rent and high taxes.

Still, they have higher margins too. So i got to know that this was a Remedial Measure to keep the retailers Happy and the Consumer as always is the King Behind Bars

Im not aware of the legal clauses in this case, if you know leave it in the comments section


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