Strike is a sign of healthy corruption free administration

Strikes  are a signal of healthy administration.

We have often seen and experienced strikes of BEST employees, Employees from Mumbai Local (Railways), Educationists and Private companies.

I strongly believe this to be a good indicator. Most often these strikes are a weapon to make management to agree to their demands. And these demands are (mostly), increase in salary or other directly related benefits.
Lets take it at the Police Force, the monthly pay of  a havaldar, sub-inspector,inspector may suffice for their basic needs but not for needs such as Standard of living, Education for their children.

However, they are able to meet their daily requirements and maintain their standard of living, despite their low pay. Its obvious that they can not engage in any other Part time activity / Job to justify their earning sources. So how actually do they earn (GET), that.

Its an established fact, Bribe. Thats the source of income which does suffice their needs, needs of their children- the best education, the status of living.

Force by the influential people is NOT the *only* reason that they take bribe. They take it as thats the Easy way to meet and Exceed their basic needs. Thats the reason, why Pintya from Shaitan does that… He Does not go for a Strike, rather he goes for the Bribe. Pavan Malhotra’s dialogue from Shaitan shows the truth

Sach aur sacchai me fark hota hai, Aur Mathur HAR PULISWALE KA DHARM HAI KI WOH NI-SWARTH BHAV se DESH ki sewa kar, Leki Sacchai Yeh hai ki Sade AAth hazaar ki is tankhwa me Desh sambhalo, Ghar sambhalo ya Imaan sambhalo… Maa ki AAnkh ho jati hai.

They still have the easy way…. Strike is healthy.


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