How to display AddThis sharing buttons on a custom wordpress template

AddThis sharing plugin is really cool considering the fact that it provides analytics too apart from the social sharing features. I wanted to embed the sharing options to a Custom Page Template.

So How, do we display AddThis sharing button on a custom wordpress template ?


The solution was simple that i found on this WordPress Changelog 1.6.3 for AddThis Plugin: Its as simple as adding below line of code in your custom template, where you wish to display the sharing buttons:

<?php do_action( 'addthis_widget' ); ?>

Thats, it, dead simple.


  1. I want to link directly to a Tweet button from an external site so when a visitor on my site clicks on the Tweet button it will add to the Tweet count on the external site.

    The External Tweet count will display on my site and when someone clicks the Tweet on my site it’ll add to the Tweet on an external site.

    I want to do the same with Facebooks Like button and AddThis share button.


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