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Facebook EdgeRank- The power of monopoly

Facebook Pages being affected adversely by change in EdgeRank and Focus on Promoted Posts and Facebook Offers.

Facebook has allways been an essential Marketing tool for small, medium and large scale businesses to reach out to their audience and converse with them.

Facebook Promoted Posts
FaceboFacebook Promoted Posts

However, post Facebook IPO things are changing directions, Facebooks priority is changing from loving brands and allowing creation of good rapport between fans and facebook pages, its now using its platform to promote… yes, Promoted Posts, with the single intention to monetize. They have already been monetizing from high paid customers who spend thousands of dollars for marketing and engagement.


facebook get notifications
Get Notifications

Now, with the recent changes in its algorithm, the posts on pages are not sent to users unless they are highly engaging (determined by , which they can change anytime) Or the Fans, explicitly click “Get Notifications” on each page.

Considering, that All the fans have “Liked” the pages already its simple that fans have already agreed and they “WISH” to have posts of such pages to be shown in their time-line.

However, Facebook went ahead changing the settings and explicitly let the fans to click “Get Notifications”.

Firstly, No Facebook page owner or Administrator, would want to have his posts hidden and not appear in fans time-lines. Hence, getting such requests from Page owners and administrators is not surprising.

Greenpeace asking its fans to click “Get Notifications” to keep them posted.

Currently Facebook Pages is still a strong place for businesses to engage with their audiences and thats why we see facebook changing terms at its own wit without considering the interest of business oweners and fans.

You may see voices on medias that Facebook is actually doing this to remove the clutter from the newsfeeds of its users and that the users are actually complaining that they cant get the posts that they want to see. As being discussed here by Robert Scoble: https://soundcloud.com/scobleizer/noise-for-mark-cuban-george

Well i would say that Facebook is using this as a trick to push the changes and get more dollars into its revenue stream. Post these changes Facebook is promoting the features and showing how far reaching are Promoted Posts, pay if you want to be posted.

This is how they justify that.

Go ahead and read what Jeff Doak (Head of Social Measurement at WPP ad agency Team Detroit) has to say about this.


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  1. True. Let’s see what happens next!

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