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Asus M4N68 TM V2 Motherboard issue and their support are pain for customers

Asus India

It all started 2 years 6 months ago and since then i have been to Asus support centers in 2 Cities, Mumbai and Dehradun back and forth 3 times between 2 cities, just to get my motherboard issue resolved.

UPDATE: The issue has now been resolved as Asus service center at Mumbai, Lamington Road managed by Rashi Peripherals have finally replaced the motherboard faulty motherboard with a new one.

All this was possible as i had to escalate the issue to the top level by sending email to Vinay Shetty the Country Head for Asus India, considering this an average Asus user who is not aware of this route will have to bear the pain. My motherboard was thoroughly checked only after intervention from service executive Abdul.

Its sad to know that their after sales service does not involve a thorough check, which led me to slog for 2 years throughout.

I have also written to Vinay asking for what steps he has taken to make the process better and to enhance the value to consumer and also to revive the Asus brand.

The Background
When i went ahead to buy my get my first assembled PC, i got an advice for an Asus evangelist against the advice of my friends. My friends had always told me that Asus motherboards had over-heating issue and they required air-conditioned environment. But i didn’t hear them and i had to suffer.

I have owned 2 ASUS motherboards, experience was worst for the first motherboard as i was experiencing over-heating issues, the motherboard was replaced after i went to them twice to regarding the same issue. However the issue was never fixed and i was forced to move on.

This time, i wanted to get a PC for my brother in Dehradun, unfortunately the configuration was again Asus. Again we had to face it. It started exhibiting the similar issue from the beginning from the time we took it to Dehradun.

M4N68TMV2 Asus Motherboard issue

The Issues
We were greeted with different Blue screen errors each time which were persistent. We initially thought it might be a software issue with the OS, so we tried installing other OS, WinXP and while trying to install Windows through Multiple DVD, CD, after the Copy file process the system shuts down and this continued and we were unable to install Windows.

The true issue lies itself with the ASUS M4N68 TM V2 motherboard

I had inisisted multiple times to ASUS support that they should replace the motherboard, however they did not even acknowledge this request.

Each time we went to the support center they used to superficially check the motherboard and say that it was okay.

One of the RAM slots motherboard was not working since the starting, however, while troubleshooting we were shifting RAM to other slot. But that slot was dead.For the RAM slot they used to run a pointed device across the ram slot and then blow. This never worked.



  • The RAM itself was Replaced 3 times
  • When the system used to Shut down while running i got the Processor replaced.
  • Still the same thing it might be power issue, so we got SMPS replaced
  • Still same thing, possible its cause of data cables, we got all data cables changed
  • Stillll the same thing > tried IDE cables and its still the same
  • Even the HDD has been replaced as of now.

Till now, i have replaced the Processor twice and RAM 3 times, and the HDD once.

When we did not see any hope of getting a resolution from Asus support, we had to take the PC to other certified engineers to get it checked, they checked it with all permutations and combinations of SMPS, RAM, IDE/SATA Cables, HDD. The issue was rooted down to Motherboard as we had tried other hardware with other systems.


The Fate of Asus Service Center

The people at service center were always indifferent to the multiple requests of actually resolving the issue.

Every time, i took the system and motherboard to Asus service center at Mumbai, they used to ask,

“is it for Commercial user Or Domestic use”,

Now, i get the feeling that they treat commercial users differently than personal home users, they are biased in servicing too.

They never acknowledged the request to replace the motherboard.

Cost and the Pain

Its obvious that one gets a device or gadget to USE it, but thanks to  Asus and its motherboard we were made to be busy Fixing it. Even if we rule out the use of the system, we had to face the trouble of transporting the PC from Dehradun to Mumbai. The cost of getting in touch with them, delivering the motherboard to their address through courier twice  the loss of time and money to get this addressed but not resolved by them was tremendous.


Asus support does not intend to look into this issue and make a serious note to resolve it. I fail to understand why ASUS does not use the service centers to collect valuable, real feedback regarding products and improve.

The only thing that i have to do now is wait for a last time if they can act properly and replace the motherboard,

Or else i will happily move over to Gigabyte or Intel as ASUS does not take any effort to check the issue, forget about resolving it.


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