How about Life and Ability

Blind Man selling



Blind Old woman selling

Youth, Dude… Babe Baby. This is not my job.
Umm I can’t do this we listen it very often.
We do have the Ability but not the Desire or the Drive to get things Done…

I just met few people who were courting the wrong job, but doing the best than anyone else can


  • These were people with specific disabilities.
  • How could they do this kind of a job.

Selling without a Vision (literally), i noted that they keep their hand on the products (books, and so on) so that if anything slips- They know its being Sold Or being Stolen.


In short- What do I and We (if you wish) learn from them.

One: Its not about Ability that leads to the work

Two: Its the Need and the Willingness to do it.

Three: Whats needed to start your Own business (dont think about the scale ), Just getting things done.

  • These people DO not have any Education (So They Dont go for a Job :P)
  • They do not have money (so they sell and eat what they sell)

Four: Now check this with Ourselves:

  • Weve got education


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