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Life as i believe.

  • The Japanese Formula For Happiness – Ikigai

    So today i came across this You Tube video by Improvement Pill. It effectively talks about the 4 quadrants essential for happiness and how to approach this.

    1. Something you are good at
    2. Something that you love
    3. Something that the world needs
    4. Something that pays you well

    The intersection of these all quadrants gives you Happiness.

    The intersection of some of these quadrants gives:

    1. Passion
    2. Mission
    3. Vocation
    4. Profession

  • Fake it till you BECOME It- Because Your body language shapes who you are- Amy Cuddy

    Fake It Till you BECOME It

    Because Your Body Language Shapes Who YOU Are.

    An Awesome Practical use therapy by Amy Cuddy faculty at Harvard.

    AMY Cuddy Faculty HBS

    All you need to do before you go for an Interview, a Presentation, a Speech is few postures which are Power Postures.

    High Power Poses
    High Power Poses ImageCredit: TEDWORDSBLOG

    Keep doing it till you BECOME it not just when you Make it. 

    Go ahead and watch this 20 min video which is worth watching.

  • If you give a little love, you get love

    Just came through this video on my Facebook wall, i loved it and hence sharing.


  • How about Life and Ability

    Blind Man selling



    Blind Old woman selling

    Youth, Dude… Babe Baby. This is not my job.
    Umm I can’t do this we listen it very often.
    We do have the Ability but not the Desire or the Drive to get things Done…

    I just met few people who were courting the wrong job, but doing the best than anyone else can


    • These were people with specific disabilities.
    • How could they do this kind of a job.

    Selling without a Vision (literally), i noted that they keep their hand on the products (books, and so on) so that if anything slips- They know its being Sold Or being Stolen.


    In short- What do I and We (if you wish) learn from them.

    One: Its not about Ability that leads to the work

    Two: Its the Need and the Willingness to do it.

    Three: Whats needed to start your Own business (dont think about the scale ), Just getting things done.

    • These people DO not have any Education (So They Dont go for a Job :P)
    • They do not have money (so they sell and eat what they sell)

    Four: Now check this with Ourselves:

    • Weve got education