Learning Python

Thanks to Coursera and faculty from University of Toronto, i have signed up for “Learn to Program: The Fundamentals“.

It all begins with a brief introduction to what are programs and how they interact. Next, we go ahead to download the Python installer from http://www.python.org/download/releases/3.2.3/.

I installed the Python 3.2.3 ver and started IDLE, the GUI environment for Python.

Python as a Calculator,

In the beginning, we are learning the use of Python as a Calculator by using operators such as

  • addition +
  • subtraction -
  • multiplication *
  • division /
  • exponentiation **
  • integer division //
  • modulo (remainder) %

What above operators do is we can just use them normally similar to command line to get the output of the calculations. Modulo was something unique, it gave us the “remainder” from a division calculation. I could remember my basic mathematics where i had learnt:

Dividend= Quotient*Divisor+Remainder.


The two types of Numeric Types which i understand is the way to display numeric information:

int: integer
float: floating point number, an approximation to real number.

I will continue this post soon.


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