WordPress “too many redirects” resolved


This is just to note down a recent issue that I was facing with my WordPress blog.


Issue: I was unable to load the Homepage, which was set to Static Page in the Reading Settings as shown below:



I tried to search over WordPress.org forums, but did not get any effective answer to my query. However, this post helped me understand what could be wrong.

I went over to the Reading Settings in my blog and saw that the Front Page was set to a “Static  Page”. However, the front page was missing from the dropdown list. Reason: I had foolishly set it to“Draft”.



So this caused the whole ordeal and it wasn’t any issue with Any Plugin Or the awesome CMS WordPress.

It was finally resolved as soon as I Published the Draft FrontPage, Reading Settings were already working only the page wasn’t.




What made me understand the


2 responses to “WordPress “too many redirects” resolved”

  1. Wow. Thanks a ton for this post. I was having the EXACT same issue…and I’ve done everything I could think of to fix it. Including dumping my database, uninstalling all plugins AND reinstalling WordPress. All I can say is, wow.

    Thanks a lot Naushad!

    1. Naushad Avatar

      Thanks Brock, glad that my post could help you.

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