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It will obvious that you host a website on Cloud or a web host providing guarantee of 100 % uptime. You need to test it at times or to check the Downtime that your host provides, you cant do that by checking the web-page 24*7*365. As for problems, we have a solution someone has already worked upon.

Here comes. Uptime Monitoring services,

How does it work:

These services, check the availability and response from the designated domain names, repeatedly within specific duration. Once it detects that a webpage is not responding it creates a log and sends notification if required.

There are host of solutions offering Uptime monitoring service and URL Port, ping checks.

Like: and more can be found here at Mashable

The best one that i have found useful is UptimeRobot, why do i love this service ?

  1. Yes, Its FREE
  2. It checks uptime every 5 minute (Really awesome considering its free)
  3. You can add multiple domains
  4. Email, SMS and Twitter DM and RSS push (i devices) notifications.

Screen-shots here:

Uptime Robot Dashboard
Adding a New Monitor
Adding a New Monitor

Official feature list:

Monitors your websites every 5 minutes, totally free.

Add up to 50 websites. Get alerts by e-mail, SMS, Twitter, RSS or push notifications for iPhone/iPad

via Free Website Uptime Monitoring – Uptime Robot.

UptimeRobot is continuously evolving and it has its own API for third party integration.

This actually helped me monitor my host DreamHost that the uptime that they *promise* (100%) is not delivered, still what can you expect with shared hosting. Will test it sometime with an AWS instance.

2 responses to “Website Uptime Monitoring – Uptime Robot”

  1. Zezari Avatar

    Add the site to the article, because only they have a 3-minute site availability check interval on the free plan.

    1. Naushad Avatar

      Nice marketing. This is a review not a “List of all monitors in the market”. Still ill approve it as a good plug

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