Twitter Default View User Experience viewing images is difficult

You are browsing and see an interesting image.  So you just click on the image / media to view it larger. As you can see in the image, the size is 503 pixels by 510 pixels, above screen-shot was taken in Full Screen mode. Viewing Image in Standard view

Twitter Default View
Twitter Default View Image Size larger 503 by 510 px


So you click on it to get a large view, but viola, twitter screws up all the real estate. When you click on the image, it opens up in a light-box in even smaller size 295 pixels by 413 pixels. Viewing Image in Lightbox

Twitter View Image in Lightbox smaller image in Lightbox 295 by 413

By Design, user expects large view on clicking the media, here the opposite happens.

I saw this Twitter Blog post [Twitter Blog: Updates for viewing images] by @chenosauraus, targeted to solve exactly this problem. Guess it doesn’t.

There is even a Chrome plugin to solve this problem. Sad that Twitter couldn’t not solve it by design.

Please fix this @twitter.


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