The Windows 8 Experience and Review

Ive recently got Windows 8 Pro on my Desktop and I am really excited to use it.


The most notable improvements that I have observed are as below:

  1. Metro UI
  2. Mail, People, Messaging, SkyDrive and Social
  3. Apps, Sync and Login
  4. Social
Metro UI
Everyone is aware of what exactly is Metro UI and the live tiles, so I wont talk much about it.
Mail, People, Messaging, SkyDrive and Social
I really do not feel the need to install Outlook Or even use webapp like Or or any Microsoft account to access my emails. They are all synced in realtime in the default Mail App.
Users can add Multiple email accounts through the same app.
All the emails will sync related data like Contacts and Calendars in realtime. However, thanks to Google the recent changes in ActiveSync for Free Gmail and Google Apps account the sync will no more happen. The reason behind this in my perception is that this simple feature will make millions of free Gmail and Google Apps users not to come on web-app and they can loose on Ad revenue, moreover, Windows 8 is getting strategic advantage in the market by Windows 8 OS by tapping into all devices (most importantly Desktop), which Google has effectively failed to (Android and Chrome OS)
Apps, Sync and Login
Windows 8 is combining the experience of desktop, tablet, mobile and all other to be invented devices which will run Windows OS. 
The simplest example is one can use his/her Hotmail/Windows/Outlook/Live account to login to any Windows device, be It a Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.
And have the same experience all over.
Its not the boring desktop anymore, we can add our Facebook account and Twitter account and all our contacts are automatically added to “People”. We can then seamlessly use the inbuilt Messaging app to communicate with our friends and contacts.
More to come here soon.


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