Rains – The season of blessings

It’s June and people can’t bear the heat anymore and everyone it’s wishing

Baarish kab hogi (When will it rain)

I saw a small shower today and was relieved. Rainy season is the season of blessings, we get the most essential part of our geo cycle. It rains, we get crops, good yield and so on.

 Surat An-Nūr (The Light)

Do you not see that Allah drives clouds? Then He brings them together, then He makes them into a mass, and you see the rain emerge from within it. And He sends down from the sky, mountains [of clouds] within which is hail, and He strikes with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills. The flash of its lightening almost takes away the eyesight.

In the above verse of the Quran and few other verses Allah (SWT) describes the formation of rain and the scientific details. Just amazed that these details were delivered to Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) 1400 yrs ago when im not sure if Geography was even studied.

And we should also keep in mind that this Rain can also be a tool of destruction from the Almighty. Hence it is must for Muslims to offer special Salat (Namaz) to ask the Allmighty to keep it as a Blessing and Not a Curse.


Do let me know what your religion says about in comments below.


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