McDonalds- You Pay for the water UPDATED *

After the beautiful month of Ramadan, I and my friends had been to an outing and as obvious we were hanging out at McDonalds.

As usual customer service is the priority at McDonald’s. Though it is a self-serve environment but still they oblige to requests of customers and serve the orders.

Orders are ready in minutes, separate queue for takeaways. Reps managing queue at rush hours. Most importantly, the whole store turns into a battlefield at times, and we can see the reps managing order queue on a little LCD screen indicating order time and wait time. You might have been surprised by watching the 2 minute hourglass.

Overall just awesome.

There are times when some stuff goes out of stock and we can’t buy it. Sounds perfect, but what if you paid for it if it ran out of stock.

This happened with us, we ordered we ate, we enjoyed and talked, talked, and talked. Now we were really thirsty, as obvious we went to the counter and asked for Water and to our surprise, we were said that they were out of stock with water.. What  ? Out of Stock with Water ? How can you do that ?

Later i had a look at the bill for the stuff we paid for, and i was surprized to see this (#incl serv chgs for pkgd water)

McDonalds You pay for the water

I hesitated and then gathered courage to go up to the counter with One of my friends (Others were just pushing us to do this).

At the first attempt the lady at the counter, informed us that Drinking Water is Not available due to some filter Issues (Very Rare scene at McDonalds), and that they Should Make some arrangements. She didnt budge and Instead Asked us to Buy Bottled water.

Time to get legal, i informed her that the bill is inclusive of packaged water and We NEED it.

She escalated this to the manager and the Manger Informed us that water will be Served at Our desk, and It was indeed in few minutes (covertly in Coke containers)

What A Coke

Service disruptions do occur, Lying to customers about it is not a resolution.

A sincere apology is just enough to get the message, and anyways the team is working at its best to resolve the issue.

For those sincere customers, kindly check what You Pay for… and End up paying double.


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