Joomla Day India 2013 was awesome

Thanks to the organizers of jd13in for seamlessly organizing the event and executing it.

It was a pleasure to listen and meet, the core JUG Pune team Parth Lawate, Ashwin Date, Ajay Lulia.

I was really excited about the application of Joomla Platform in a Mechanical Engg way. Wherein sensors fitted on machines would send out triggers to platform API and Joomla would then send notifications to Engineers and Management regarding the maintenance of machines.


Ryans Presentation at Joomla Day India 2013
Ryans Presentation at Joomla Day India 2013

David Hurley who spoke about the future of Joomla 4.0 which was really an imagination at the moment but required a lot of community involvement.

Thanks to Ryan Ozemik, i realized that Joomla is the PLATFORM and NOT CMS in itself and that the CMS layer is  on top of Joomla Platform

Everyone loved Ofer wearing 7 T-Shirts and jstripping throughout his presentation, finally he had 1 T-shirt on.

The details of which can be found here:


Excited to see the upcoming JUG Pune Joomla Day coming up in Sep 2013.




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