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  • PayTM and the dark pattern in Postpaid

    Usage of dark patterns by payments app PayTM as documented by The Ken Web. Details in twitter thread below. As the Data Protection bills come to light, Dark Patterns must also be banned in India.

  • Amazon App splash screen dark pattern

    So I checked the Amazon app after a few months. Just for reference, Amazon App Logo changed from this to this. At first I was looking for the old Amazon logo by memory, after finding no results, i realized, the logo has changed. What got me irrirated was the splash screen was now full lenght…

  • Dark Pattern at Quora.com

    Dark Pattern at Quora.com

    The Email from Quora So as usual Quora does, i got an email, if i can answer “X” question because i answered “Y” related question, years ago. I clicked on it with the intention to unsubscribe. When i clicked on the link, i was auto-logged in. Hmm… that was smart and efficient. I don’t have…