The Complete Moral Bankruptcy of Manipulating Human Psychology To Turn Users Into Addicts

The “Morality Of Manipulation” Only Exists On A Spectrum From “Highly Immoral” to “Absolutely, Relentlessly Evil.” An argument on the moral implications and the regulation in use of Psychology to manipulate users to have them complete / repeat a desired outcome.

A look back at Y-Combinator

Today, i came across this post by Jes sica Livingston, Co-Founder and Partner at Y-Combinator. In brief it talks about the root of Y-Combinator The part which i liked most is: Keep working on something that a few people love. The press may ignore you, but users won’t, and that’s what matters. Laboring away in… Continue reading A look back at Y-Combinator

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Improving the Design bit by bit

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The goal, is to make incremental changes to improve the design of this blog. Changes will be listed below as executed and what were the improvements. Lets get going.