McDonalds- You Pay for the water UPDATED *

McDonalds You pay for the water

After the beautiful month of Ramadan, I and my friends had been to an outing and as obvious we were hanging out at McDonalds. As usual customer service is the priority at McDonald’s. Though it is a self-serve environment but still they oblige to requests of customers and serve the orders. Orders are ready in… Continue reading McDonalds- You Pay for the water UPDATED *


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How about Life and Ability

    Youth, Dude… Babe Baby. This is not my job. Umm I can’t do this we listen it very often. We do have the Ability but not the Desire or the Drive to get things Done… I just met few people who were courting the wrong job, but doing the best than anyone else… Continue reading How about Life and Ability

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Marketing Tata Croma

A write Up on How to Sell Better ??? When you go to a Tata Croma store, you get to experience a lot of products…and after a thorough hands-on research you end up buying the product from some other location.Yes, possibly from where you get the best Price. In the end a lot of potential… Continue reading Marketing Tata Croma