Freedom of Speech

ree Speech Or Responsible Free Speech

What is freedom of speech and what should it should be. The headlines since last few days read as “Bravo Rushdie”, abc and xyz and Now Its Jay Leno If someone makes a derogatory comment/content which directly affects the beliefs (Religious beliefs its most crucial) of any sect, it is considered an act of bravery… Continue reading Freedom of Speech

McDonalds- You Pay for the water UPDATED *

McDonalds You pay for the water

After the beautiful month of Ramadan, I and my friends had been to an outing and as obvious we were hanging out at McDonalds. As usual customer service is the priority at McDonald’s. Though it is a self-serve environment but still they oblige to requests of customers and serve the orders. Orders are ready in… Continue reading McDonalds- You Pay for the water UPDATED *


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