Strike is a sign of healthy corruption free administration

Strikes  are a signal of healthy administration.

We have often seen and experienced strikes of BEST employees, Employees from Mumbai Local (Railways), Educationists and Private companies.

I strongly believe this to be a good indicator. Most often these strikes are a weapon to make management to agree to their demands. And these demands are (mostly), increase in salary or other directly related benefits.
Lets take it at the Police Force, the monthly pay of  a havaldar, sub-inspector,inspector may suffice for their basic needs but not for needs such as Standard of living, Education for their children.

However, they are able to meet their daily requirements and maintain their standard of living, despite their low pay. Its obvious that they can not engage in any other Part time activity / Job to justify their earning sources. So how actually do they earn (GET), that.

Its an established fact, Bribe. Thats the source of income which does suffice their needs, needs of their children- the best education, the status of living.

Force by the influential people is NOT the *only* reason that they take bribe. They take it as thats the Easy way to meet and Exceed their basic needs. Thats the reason, why Pintya from Shaitan does that… He Does not go for a Strike, rather he goes for the Bribe. Pavan Malhotra’s dialogue from Shaitan shows the truth

Sach aur sacchai me fark hota hai, Aur Mathur HAR PULISWALE KA DHARM HAI KI WOH NI-SWARTH BHAV se DESH ki sewa kar, Leki Sacchai Yeh hai ki Sade AAth hazaar ki is tankhwa me Desh sambhalo, Ghar sambhalo ya Imaan sambhalo… Maa ki AAnkh ho jati hai.

They still have the easy way…. Strike is healthy.

E Commerce

Can make a dent ?

Its the most written, most tweeted topic of 2012 the every of Amazon in India.

As earlier it was already speculated the Amazon its establishing its operations and fulfilment centers in Mumbai, which was true and the momentum can be see n by them setting up the fullfillment centre and own courier service.

As the launch of Junglee it is understood as the entry of Amazon in India but through a different route. Here at Junglee Amazon isn’t selling anything which is the core of Amazon, but Junglee

Amazon enters India as Junglee

enables customers to find and discover products from online and offline retailers in India and from Junglee organizes massive selection and multiple buying options from hundreds of sellers, and leverages Amazon’s proven technologies and millions of customer reviews to help customers make smart purchase decisions.

Most take it as the best option available, as Junglee provides the best price at different stores,many of those are offline. It is a wrong assumption and positioning by Amazon that lowest price is the only factor a prospects consider while making an online purchase.
Few other important points are:

  1. Trust
    How many if the stores that are recommended at Jungles can you actually trust ?
  2. Reliability
    Are you sure you will get the right product, in the right shape? This won’t be of significance when payment is COD.
  3. After Sales
    Yes its not the part of the store but the manufacturer once the product is sold, however stores like Flipkart, InfiBeam, Letsbuy (acquired by Flipkart)  offer replacements up to 30-45 days.
  4. Media
    Most prospects prefer making a purchase from a brand / store whom they have heard about from online / offline media (A friend, Ads,etc).

So, Junglee is really an aggregation and can not help customers to get Options but not to ease theDecision Making, it actually creates a confusion.

Amazon can actually get the benefit of the enormous consumer data that it will generate through the “Likes”  that it will generate and create a presence in the mind of consumers. (Though Amazon is well known) Logo

We can just wait and watch till Amazon makes its way in India after facing challenges.


Customer is the King behind bars – Coca Cola

Just quizzed to know that 600 ml Maaza bottle had special pricing Rs 40 (Rs 32 at local stores and retailers), it specifically mentioned

Sale at select channels only.

Mazza Large

Now overcharging was not new, but the experience that its now officially supported was something that I dint like.

There were always people who argued over thus excess price ( me too), which definitely caused legal issues to the retailer who either refused to sell at MRP or not sell at all, which in turn affected the company.

As per regulation, retailers are not supposed to sell products in excess over MRP, this can be experienced at On Station vendors who are monitored and do not over charge.

The company came out with an unwise solution, increase the price for special places like Entertainment zones, etc. Either way they don’t care about the Consumer.

I don’t know I’d its a remedial decision (for the legal problems) or its a Marketing Decision, which comes under the category Differential Pricing.

I wanted to check this and called up the Toll free Consumer Helpline: 1800-180-2653 and asked them the reason for the difference in pricing and whether it was legal Or not.

I got the response that they have such special pricing for select channels which include McD, Cinemax, Fame, KFC, etc. In short ANYWHERE You are not allowed Outside Food :D.

He said it was absolutely legal and that the pricing was because the retailers pay high rent and high taxes.

Still, they have higher margins too. So i got to know that this was a Remedial Measure to keep the retailers Happy and the Consumer as always is the King Behind Bars

Im not aware of the legal clauses in this case, if you know leave it in the comments section


Freedom of Speech

What is freedom of speech and what should it should be. The headlines since last few days read as “Bravo Rushdie”, abc and xyz and Now Its Jay Leno

If someone makes a derogatory comment/content which directly affects the beliefs (Religious beliefs its most crucial) of any sect, it is considered an act of bravery and a piece of art and my question is, should it really be ?

What has happened to the Intellectuals and the so called “Educated” mankind ? Probably they are now more educated to expect freedom in everything and have the right to hurt the feelings, beliefs of the people and fail to understand the correct use of  “Freedom of Speech” rather use it as a weapon to get known to more and more audiences / sell your product / book. As it is rightly said by Mr Katju (Judge at Supreme Court).

Free Speech Or Responsible Free Speech

Rushdie did the same and received reviews of both kind from the readers and from the people being affected emotionally and mentally.

Such kind of writing can simply be compared with the skin show in Bollywood / Holywood who have a record track of shedding clothes and earning fame / name / glamour (and that works), making women a piece of flesh to be traded and showcased and that too with equality and to all well considered as Freedom of Expression and Speech

Everyone supporting this action is being considered as a Congress worker, right now as we have congress in power. This is completely dependent on the situation rather than the issue, each party / politician is the Thaali Ka Baingan.

Islam strictly prohibits Muslims to do any act that is offensive for any other religion as mentioned in the Holy Quraan.

If the Satanic Verses was Freedom of Speech, then why is the Indian Embassy asking clarification from Jay Leno on the comment he made in United States ? Its because that single statement had hurt the feelings of numerous Sikhs around the globe. If the intensity of the matter needs to be compared, we should know that Jay Leno just made a “Comment” and did not mess with the religious leaders / preachers of the Sikhs, he did not misrepresent the Holy Book of the Sikhs Guru Granth Sahib.

This was a huge dis-respect towards their religious center on earth. The Sikhs all over the globe are now agitated and seeking action against him. One can just imagine the actions initiated by them If their Holy Book was misrepresented and the leaders harmed by words.

On the equal ranks, the Muslims around the globe are rightly agitated against the writings of this attention seeking author.

I appreciate the steps taken by the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Rajasthan govt.

This is especially meant to Indian  media and bollywood who were against this action and blamed that the govt bowed down to bullies, Maulanas.

And that the govt did not favour Freedom of Speech. These (irrelevant) leaders don’t think that Freedom of Speech comes with a responsibility towards the society and knowing that a piece of art is actually defaming a religion is inhumane.

The Sikh community today is furious over the comments made by Jay Leno, which he and few others may explain as Freedom of Speech.

Practically any community on earth would be furious if their Sacred scriptures are misrepresented. Be it Ram or Rahim, Or Raymond.

And oh dear promoters of Free speech, your contributions to the destruction of the society are abundant.

If expect others to be tolerant, try to be tolerant when the situation turns on you

As a closing,  i would just like to mention that the Educated, Learned, Able Indians are getting forgetting the Real Culture and Traditions of India,

The reasons, India our country was invaded, ruled, and left with lowest self esteem on earth.

Lets take it on par with Twitter concept, the West tweets through media Indians just “Follow” them with No “Followers”


Mumbai Local

The rush hour at Borivali station

Rush hour

Rush hour