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How about Life and Ability

Blind Man selling



Blind Old woman selling

Youth, Dude… Babe Baby. This is not my job.
Umm I can’t do this we listen it very often.
We do have the Ability but not the Desire or the Drive to get things Done…

I just met few people who were courting the wrong job, but doing the best than anyone else can


  • These were people with specific disabilities.
  • How could they do this kind of a job.

Selling without a Vision (literally), i noted that they keep their hand on the products (books, and so on) so that if anything slips- They know its being Sold Or being Stolen.


In short- What do I and We (if you wish) learn from them.

One: Its not about Ability that leads to the work

Two: Its the Need and the Willingness to do it.

Three: Whats needed to start your Own business (dont think about the scale ), Just getting things done.

  • These people DO not have any Education (So They Dont go for a Job :P)
  • They do not have money (so they sell and eat what they sell)

Four: Now check this with Ourselves:

  • Weve got education

Marketing Tata Croma

A write Up on How to Sell Better ???

When you go to a Tata Croma store, you get to experience a lot of products…and after a thorough hands-on research you end up buying the product from some other location.Yes, possibly from where you get the best Price.

In the end a lot of potential customers are lost. This happens due to lack of individual attention to the the visitors.Although, they need to understand that this is not a daily shopping and do not expect customers to buy at the first visit.


Creating a continuous experience with the visitors is necessary.

They are into selling of Electronics and relat


products which are more of a luxury than necessity

Selling of such goods should be considered on par with selling of Gold and Silver Ornaments, as usually by Munshiji’s do.

Lets take a real situation wherein you go to a Jewellery shop and you get a warm welcome, a few cold-drinks sweets as per occasion , the Lights and Fans turn On just when you enter and especially the sweet face  of the owner for misbehaving kids 😉

Well, these mostly uneducated jewelers have the most important trait of customer service and retention. Yes, im speaking (ok. ok Writing) about those from the villages.

Imagine replicating the same experience at such stores. Without making visitors to stand and view the products. Instead, have some chairs (Okay okay – you can minus the Colddrinks and Sweets- Although Adding these stuffs would definitely help conversion)

Why create such experience, calculate the cost of all demonstrations, the sales personnel, the devices the maintenance of those and the cost of .

Ok, what happens next…

  • Sales person creates a trust with the customer..
  • Customer sits and gets the feel of the product.
  • the best, the Customer gets an Experience to share…. (you know how worth it is)
  • Happy Sales 😀

Why only Croma , that’s because its the only Electronics retail shop which where a customer gets a real product to test. (as far as i have experienced)

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