Yes this is all about me.

Times change and as earlier this site was mostly thought from a bragging perspective. However, now the objectives have changed hence the content.


I am a User Experience Designer with hands on experience designing Web, Mobile and Desktop experiences. I currently work at Global eProcure which is an end-to-end procurement solutions provider. I work on 6 products which compete with the likes of SAP, Zycus, Coupa and others like SciQuest, Contractually.

I have exposure to multiple domains like Storage, Virtualization, Backup, Procurement.


Here is the bragging part 🙂

Please know that this page its not made to please you.

In simple words “it’s just about me, not what you expect to be written here”

It’s India where I was born and grew up.

I still stay here and Will stay here.

“I live my Imagination, I don’t live In Imagination”

It doesn’t matter which Star do I belong to. What does matter is my belief.

I am an Entrepreneur by heart.

As usual Conditions Always apply.
I am working towards best, I am not the best.

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