Drupal 8 block UI becoming awesome

Drupal 8 has already seen the extension of Drupal Blocks system with features like: 1. Custom fields for blocks 2. Multiple Placements for Blocks in different regions And now @webchick is set to revamp the Blocks UI. @timplunkett: Happy to announce I’ll be dedicating time to overhauling the D8 block UI: http://winstondodger.com/posts/block-ui-overhaul Shared via TweetCaster

Dell support experience for Inspiron 5110

I had purchased my Dell Inspiron laptop last year. I was hardly using the laptop as i was in a 9-5 job and Ive made up my mind, no dell anymore. Why ? read below The overall experience had been, like: Upgrade to Windows 8 > freeze Wrong steps provided by unqualified tech Bricking the… Continue reading Dell support experience for Inspiron 5110