Improving the Design bit by bit

The objective, is to make incremental changes to improve the design of this blog. Changes will be listed below as executed and what were the improvements.

Lets get going.

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Twitter Default View

You are browsing and see an interesting image.  So you just click on the image / media to view it larger. As you can see in the image, the size is 503 pixels by 510 pixels, above screen-shot was taken in Full Screen mode.

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Coursera Usability Problems


How people, learn ?
They view videos, take notes, research and they don’t do all of this at one go. There are breaks and most prefer to do it offline, not bound by the progress of a browser window limiting and dictating your pace. Continue reading “Coursera Usability Problems”

What does Microsoft think about Heuristic “User Control & Freedom”, they don’t

My recent exposure to Microsoft’s take on the heuristic “User Control and Freedom”, which essentially says, Don’t give users control and freedom. No control on updates and forced re-starts. Continue reading “What does Microsoft think about Heuristic “User Control & Freedom”, they don’t”

Screwed up Password Reset design at

How screwed up can you make the password reset forms ?

How screwed can you make User Experience, when you try to create a new account on site, English version. The form validation throws error in Chinese if you already have an account with them. Continue reading “Screwed up Password Reset design at”