How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

For years, Apple followed user-centered design principles. Then something went wrong.

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Another reason why StackExchange and network sites Suck


Why StackExchange Sucks.

4 years, 1 month, and 12 days

It was long back that i worked on a website on Drupal and had to implement a specific functionality which i was unable to execute with the standard methods and modules. In simple terms, i was stuck on the problem and had tried few things which did not work. As for anyone seeking help, i posted this question on Drupal StackExchange.

Two days later an average rated user submitted an answer, though that answer did not resolve the issue directly i liked that it provided me some direction on solving the problem myself. 3 days later i had solved the problem myself and had few more related questions, which i




Now, 4 years and 1,503 days.later, when i have moved on to User Experience and still love Drupal. I was greeted by an email stating someone had Voted to Close this Question as Off-topic due to X reason.

StackExchange Close Question


I had literally forgot that i had asked questions on SE. I was both shocked and amused regarding the timing of the email.

Generally StackExchange moderators are known to be like hawks trying to gain points in any manner whatsoever and increase reputation and that too as soon as you post the question.

I could have understood if this question had garnered any attention or anyone had upvoted the question to ire others but nothing.

Also, i am not sure if this question violates the guidelines today OR it did violate the guideline 4 Years ago ?

But now i see that 4 Years later someone has found an opportunity to earn some rep, and has effectively found 2 Upvotes (which means ‘useful comment’ in SO terms) to the proposal of closing this question this also adds to the reputation…

I would have loved it if this question was closed as off-topic in 2011 itself, i could have modified the question or the approach at-least.

Its not surprising that the person to suggest this is a member for just about 6 months with 6082 as the reputation (awesome reputation there). Such people get more powers with the actions that they do detrimentally to the community.



People really want StackExchange reputation to refer on their Resumes and LinkedIn profiles i think. But yes, i must appreciate the dedication of such people who spend so much time and efforts to up their SE reputations.

Guess what, i am not alone to feel this, there have been many many posts by people all over who have re-iterated their experience. Infact this is the same pattern observed throughout SO as Serg mentions here on his blog:

The strange guy Bill the Lizard did not stop after closing the question. More than 1.5 year (!) after the question was answered he returned to it and deleted both the question and my answer (my answer probably because it contradicted his resolution).
If you think your post was not well accepted on SO, just think of the whole picture.

In Closing i would want to give best wishes for such people who Eat, Drink, Sleep and Smoke “REPUTATION”. SO is now what the creators originally never thought of, i am sure.

Telephone Keypad Design


Telephone Keypad Design

Why are the numbers on a telephone keypad arranged the way they are?

Read an interesting and insightful article on how and why the telephone keypad was designed the way it is today. Surprisingly its simple, these guys at Bell Labs actually did create multiple versions prototypes and tested with people. The outcome was to be seen in the phones coming further.


The answers to these questions can be found in a fascinating piece of research performed by AT&T in 1960. I strongly encourage you, if you have time, to read their entire publication on the subject. A summary of this work was published in the July 1960 edition of the Bell Systems Technical Journal.

The article was entitled: Human Factors Engineering Studies of the Design and Use of Pushbutton Telephone Sets. You can download a copy of the article here [PDF].

Visit below link to read detailed article.

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The ROI of side projects – Crew blog

The ROI of Side Projects for a Startup

High Level Summary

  • The best marketing is when you don’t know it’s marketing
  • Giving someone something useful they can apply to their own lives has the biggest impact.
  • The tool must be small in size, with less updates.
  • FOR the Audience that you are targeting.

Where blog posts, infographics, and webinars were once marketing gold, websites, apps, and tools are taking over.



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