YouTube Hacked

YouTube Hacked

YouTube has been hacked just recently.

Head over to YouTube and search anything…. you will get this result.

The funny thing is that hackers have put up a message


Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

If you see them, show them this information:




YouTube Hacked

How is the World Wide Web Actually connected ?

If you ever wondered how were you able to access and the data hosted elsewhere in US.

Or even have a conversation with someone over Skype over miles of distance.

A lot of physical wiring in form of optical cables (cables that carry light signals as data).

Follow the link below to see how does the connectivity happens between nations…

via What the Internet looks like: The undersea cables wiring the ends of the Earth –


WhatsApp WeChat Line and so on

WhatsApp, well known for its popularity and now a Verb used instead of SMSing.

Can you WhatsApp me ?



Has replied to the competition offered by WeChat by introducing PTT or so called Push to Talk.

The early adopters  and youth who were amazed by this feature by WeChat will have this same feature available on the most popular chat client.

Considering WhatsApp does not spend crores on ads like the way WeChat and Line are doing in India, WhatsApp can spend that money in building features features and features and just leverage on existing user-base to spread the word and get more users.

In short, the point is that, today or tomorrow users who are trying WeChat and Line Will Surely Come Back to WhatsApp.

Happy WhatsApping :D

Drupal 8 block UI becoming awesome

Drupal 8 has already seen the extension of Drupal Blocks system with features like:
1. Custom fields for blocks
2. Multiple Placements for Blocks in different regions

And now @webchick is set to revamp the Blocks UI.

@timplunkett: Happy to announce I’ll be dedicating time to overhauling the D8 block UI:
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The Awesome Human Music by Alaa Wardi

Social Network is the reason for people getting famous, empires getting destroyed and also to reach a million people.


This time i was just amazed and left mesmerized by a Bollywood reproduction of a Song Pehla Nasha by an Arabic guy Alaa Wardi.

This is not just another reproduction like the ones by Shantanu Moitra,here this guy is reproducing each tune, rhythm or whater you call it WITHOUT ANY INSTRUMENTS and its Far better than the original.

This type of music is originally found in Middle East as Music produced by Musical Instruments is sort-of-not-permitted in Islam (I am no expert in this field, Allah knows best).

Anyways, enjoy:


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