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The ROI of Side Projects for a Startup

High Level Summary

  • The best marketing is when you don’t know it’s marketing
  • Giving someone something useful they can apply to their own lives has the biggest impact.
  • The tool must be small in size, with less updates.
  • FOR the Audience that you are targeting.

Where blog posts, infographics, and webinars were once marketing gold, websites, apps, and tools are taking over.



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Hybrid fixed wing drone goes at speeds of up to 100 kph


X PlusOne The Hybrid Fixed wing drone has come up with some Simple innovation to make Drones more and more faster.


I think the inspiration has come from Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. But instead of having a tiltrotor here, we have the alternating speeds of brushless motors to tilt the drone 90 Degrees and effectively put in a flight position.











They are on Kickstarter trying to raise funds and have managed to reach 86% funding till now.


My only concern is, how can these be used for commercial purposes like, transporting stuff Or mounting cameras for shooting ?

Something that the team should think about.

Kickstarter Campaign Link:

Band Aid of the Future

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge – YouTube

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge – YouTube.

We Gave Up by Maheshwer Peri

Somewhere along our lives

We gave up
Happiness to be victorious
Satisfaction for success
Contentment for growth
Life for a career

We gave up
Beauty to look sexy
Natural to look artificial
Health to junk
Fitness to fashion

We gave up
Letter to spirit
Correctness to fairness
Justice to Law
Courage to practicality

We gave up
Us to I
We to me
Heart to head
Smiles to frowns

We gave up
Modesty to money
Humility to pride
Nobility to showoff
Wisdom to intelligence

We gave up
Friends to prospects
Blood to money
Self to others
God to devil.

We gave up
We should have been.

Maheshwar Peri